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We assist you prepare your business loan application, present your documentation and reports to the right lender. All that’s left is for the lender to say yes, and for you to agree!


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  • Enter the contact details and mobile number that you use with your bank or loan accounts.

  • Verify it via a One Time Password and give consent to our terms of service and privacy policy.

  • Share your requirement, help us understand your business. We also ask you to allow us to understand your financials and your credit report on your behalf. The details shared will help us understand your business and current requirements better. Soft pull does NOT count as an enquiry on your bureau profile and, relax, we keep you informed all along the way.

  • We will further connect to collect details required to understand your eligibility and the options we could approach.

  • Tell us about your business and your financing needs and get an answer. This will only take few minutes.

  • We will work with you to understand the options available, elgibility to be met and the steps there on.

  • Depending on the type and size of the loan you are looking for, we will explain to you the process and documentation required

  • Additional supporting documents you need to provide to complete your application will be conveyed to you.

  • If you can't provide all your documents right away, don't worry. You can always provide it later and upload the remaining required documents.

What Type of Loan is Best for Me?

We help you find the right business loan, whatever your
requirements, wherever you are in your journey.

Unsecured Business Loan

Unsecured business loans are a great funding option for businesses that don’t own many assets, or for any company that’s growing fast and needs finance quickly. Our proprietary platform matches your loan requirement with the right lender for your business in no time, speeding up the process when you apply for a business loan online through EduMany.

Loan Amount

Borrow 1 Lakh to 75 Lakh

Repayment period

12 months to 36 months


Interest rates starting at 14%

  • No need to have any security or assets
  • Less documentation requirement
  • Quick to arrange
  • Simple loan process
Machinery Loan

Investment in machinery is integral to any business’ long-term success. EduMany’s lender partners offer machinery loans that allow you to get funds to purchase new plant, machinery or equipment, or upgrade your existing ones. A machinery loan can help you scale your business to new heights by investing in the growth and profitability of your operations.

Loan Amount

Borrow from 15 Lakhs up to 3 Crores

Repayment period

Repayment period of 12 months to 10 years


Interest rates starting at 11%

  • You can buy critical machinery or equipment when you need it and pay for it over a period of time
  • Once the loan is paid in full, you own the equipment free of any lien.
Working Capital Loan

Loans are not just for long-term or capital requirements. SMEs may face cash flow crunches that hinder their everyday operations. An inability to pay recurring expenses like rent, wages, EMIs or service accounts payables can put a strain on the business. EduMany’s lender partners working capital loans provide you the funding support to keep operations running smoothly even during a low revenue period.

Loan Amount

Borrow from 15 Lakh up to 15 Crore

Repayment period

Varied repayment periods depending on business needs and business financial position


Customized interest rates starting from 8%+

  • You can streamline your cash flows during a lean business phase with immediate funds
  • You do not have to sell assets to meet operational expenses
  • Your business ownership will not get diluted because there is no need to sell a stake to get funding
Secured Term Loan

For an SME that has access to assets that can work as security for a loan, a secured term loan is a practical alternative to unsecured loans. When you pledge collateral for a loan, you can get access to a higher loan amount as well as an attractive tenure. The interest rate for a secured term loan for business is lower compared to loans that are collateral-free. If you are a manufacturer, trader or an online or offline retailer with assets to pledge, a secured term loan could be the right business loan choice for you.

Loan Amount

Borrow from 15 Lakh up to 15 Crore

Repayment period

Up to 20 years


Customized interest rates starting from 8%+

  • Longer repayment terms than unsecured loans
  • Lower interest rates
  • Larger loan sizes
Loan Against Property

When an SME business owner has a valuable personal or business property in their name, it can be used as collateral to help secure a loan. Loan against property can be used to meet your business financing needs by pledging your property papers as security. The loan can be used to meet long-term funding needs, expansion plans, buy new property and equipment or to refinance existing loans. EduMany’s lender partners LAP options are flexible, easy and quick to secure.

Loan Amount

Loan of up to 70% of the value of your property.

Repayment period

Up to 15 years


Customized interest rates starting from 8%+

  • Cost effective loans
  • Easy to secure
  • Longer repayment terms than most other loans.

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Up to 70% of all SME loan applications are rejected by Indian lenders. On average it takes between 4-6 weeks to process these applications.

– Source World Bank, RBI

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